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Special Needs

Many individuals with intellection disabilities or any other Special Needs in Connecticut do not have loved ones to care for them like you. The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) can help with an Individual Plan (IP) or if your loved one is in school, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed.

If your loved one has Special Needs, you already know how difficult the government can be. The government is constantly cutting services and programs designed for people with Special Needs. There are many ways to protect an individual with Special Needs beyond a standard estate plan.

Whether you are a family member applying for Guardianship or already a Guardian, the path can be quite complex. As such, you have a right to certain benefits for your loved one. Our focus is to maintain important public benefits while having a financial plan that secures your loved one’s future.


Let us help you protect your loved one by helping you with:


  • Guardianships of a Person with an Intellectual Disability

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Individual Plans (IPs)

  • Settlement Planning

  • Trust Administration

  • Estate Planning


Guardianships of a Person with

an Intellectual Disability

Caring for someone with special needs can be very difficult. In Connecticut, when a person with special needs reaches the age of eighteen (18), he or she is legally an adult. This means that to care for your loved one and make important decisions, you need to be appointed by the Probate Court. Otherwise, you will have no legal authority to make decisions for your loved ones.


Whether you need to help with residential, medical, educational, vocational, financial records, or other decisions to promote the independence of your loved one, a certificate of appointment is required in Connecticut. At Allinson & Associates, LLC, we can help you through this process whether it is a new application or problems arising in your existing application. Please call us today!


Special Needs Trusts

Under Connecticut Law, a Special Needs Trust can be used to set aside funds for a loved one with special needs. Doing so, can improve the quality of everyday living by providing the money needed to pay for things that make it easier for our loved ones to live fully within a community. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process. Often, the Assistant Attorney General gets involved to review these documents. If not managed properly, there will be serious problems. Be sure to have your loved one’s trust done properly by a firm with experience. Call us today!


Individual Plans (IPs)

If you are a Guardian of the Intellectually Disabled or know someone with Special Needs, you are probably aware of Connecticut’s Department of Developmental Services. This agency is in charge of providing services and assistance to individuals and families of special needs individuals. In doing so, the agency uses a process called the “IP” which stands for “Individual Plan.” This is typically a meeting where all the providers, parents, guardians, and other individuals involved get together to plan the services and funding for the next year’s needs. There is also a six-month follow up to make minor adjustments to the plan.


If you have a loved one with special needs, please call us to help prepare for the next “IP.” We will make sure that your loved one’s needs are properly advocated for and that all of his/her needs are met by the plan. Don’t do it alone, call us today for help!


Settlement Planning

If you are about to receive a settlement, whether individually or on behalf of someone else, Connecticut law may require certain actions. Additionally, in receiving a settlement, you may risk losing benefits that you are currently receiving. Before you sign a settlement sheet, it is a good idea to confer with an experienced estate planning attorney. Whether it is time to start your estate planning or to continue an existing plan, we can save you time and money! We will ensure that your settlement is handled properly and that it does not cause any adverse effects. Call Allinson & Associates, LLC today!



Trust Administration

In Connecticut, a Trustee has certain fiduciary responsibilities set out by law. Administrating a trust properly can be a difficult and weighty burden. Depending on your circumstances, the trust may no longer be needed and it may be appropriate to dissolve it. However, in other cases, you may wish it to continue.


Regardless of the process involved, we can step in and handle it for you. We will not only interpret the trust document but ensure that all the trust requirements are met. At Allinson & Associates, LLC., we are fully bonded and insured to handle a trust of any size and complexity. Our bonding program will insure that your trust’s funds are protected. Do not just choose any firm to administer your trust, call us today!



Estate Planning

There are many reasons to create an Estate Plan in Connecticut. In doing so, you may decide to create a will, trust, power of attorney, health care documents, living will, designation of conservator, disposition of the body instructions, funeral plans, beneficiary designations, and many other financial and legal documents and decisions. In other words, it is a complicated process and there are many options.


Whether you need your first set of documents, or have just experienced a life changing event, you must keep these documents up to date. Life is full of surprises, so make sure that your documents say what they should and that your plan will do what it needs to do. At Allinson & Associates, LLC., we will customize your estate plan so that when it is needed, it will do exactly what you want it to. Call us today for an appointment!

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