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Dispute Resolution

There are many ways to resolve a dispute. Our Alternate Dispute Resolution services can be found on our Mediation page. We provide many alternate dispute resolution services such as mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation. Please click here to learn more.

If your dispute is unlikely to resolve or you need an advocate, please contact us immediately. If have been sued, do not waste time. You may be giving up valuable legal rights by inaction. Many of our loved ones are easily taken advantage. If this is happening, end it now. We have over 30 collective years of experience and are always on your side!

Please do not waste time and contact us immediately for help with your:

  • Will Contest

  • Probate Litigation

  • Probate Appeal

  • Nursing Home Dispute

  • Trust Dispute

  • Medicaid Dispute

  • Medicaid Appeal

  • Fiduciary Irresponsibility

  • Will Contest

Connecticut Probate Courts have a specific process to admitting a will to Probate Court. If you or a love on receive notice that a will is proposed to be admitted to Probate, you have very limited time to act. A will can be challenged for a variety of reasons, but must be done in a timely manner. If you do not object in time, the Probate Court can appoint an executor to act according to the will, and your objections may be lost.

If you believe that you have reason to challenge the validity of a will, act now and call Allinson and Associates before it becomes too late.

Probate Litigation

In Connecticut, there are many ways of resolving disputes in a Probate Court. At times, the only option is litigation. This may involve legal research, brief writing, and even trial. If you have to resolve a matter in Probate Court, experience counts!

At Allinson & Associates, LLC, we have over 20 collective years of litigation experience. We have successfully represented clients in every probate type of matter. Whether it is a children’s probate matter, a will contest, or any other matter before a probate court, we will fight for your interests!


Probate Appeal

If you received a decree from a Connecticut Probate Court, your time to appeal is very limited. It is very important to contact an experienced attorney immediately. If you miss the deadline to appeal a probate decision, you often lose that right forever.

A probate appeal is a very involved process that is filed in a Connecticut Superior Court. Depending on the nature of the underlying case, you may be entitled to a review on the record, or a brand-new trial. Be sure to make the right choice and call Allinson & Associates, LLC. today!


Nursing Home Dispute

Nursing home care can be very expensive. Often, nursing homes have a team of attorneys to protect their interests. However, some nursing homes go years without hiring an attorney. We have represented several nursing homes to collect money they are owed. We have also defended individuals from these collection processes. Connecticut law requires that certain benefits get paid to the nursing home, however depending on your circumstances, there may be an exception. Whether it is an issue with the level of care, funding, or other services, we know how to help. Call us today!


Trust Dispute

If you are the trustee or beneficiary of a Connecticut Trust, you have rights and responsibilities. Trusts can be very confusing, and are often misadministered. In some cases, the trustee can become personally liable for the damage they cause. This may even include tax liability. If you are a trustee being sued or need to dispute the actions of a trustee it is important to act quickly.

At Allinson & Associates, LLC, we have experience in creating, amending, defending, disputing, litigating, and dissolving all types of trusts. If you are involved in a trust dispute or need to take action, we can help. Call us today!


Medicaid Dispute

When applying for Title 19 in Connecticut, your application is reviewed by the Department of Social Services (“DSS”). Based on the benefits you apply for, DSS will issue a decision. In order to dispute a DSS decision, you must file a timely claim for a fair hearing. If you do not, you may lose your ability to contest it further. Additionally, the denial of benefits can cause a huge cost to you or your loved one.

Additionally, if you receive a decision after a fair hearing that you wish to dispute, you have a limited time to appeal. Sometimes these issues can be addressed through the administrative process of DSS. Often, these matters must be brought to the court to resolve the issue.

Regardless of where you are in this process, it can be tough to do it alone. We have been involved in many disputes with DSS and know how to fight these cases. Do not risk a costly decision and call Allinson & Associates, LLC today!


Medicaid Appeal

In Connecticut, the Department of Social Services determines all Medicaid (Title 19) issues. On occasion, the Department of Social Services may issue a penalty that can cost you or your loved ones significant amounts of money. If the Department of Social Services has issued a decision, you have limited time to object and claim a Fair Hearing. If you do not file in time, your right to object is lost. Therefore, it is very important to contact Allinson and Associates as soon as you learn of a ruling that needs to be appealed.

After the Fair Hearing, the hearing officer may not have ruled in your favor. There are certain administrative procedures that must be followed if you wish to appeal to Superior Court. Please, if you have an unfavorable ruling after a Fair Hearing, contact Allinson & Associates immediately before you miss the filing deadline.


Fiduciary Irresponsibility

Connecticut law imposes certain responsibilities on all fiduciaries. Even so, fiduciaries mess up. Whether the error is negligence or intentional, you need justice. Do not risk losing your assets because of a fiduciary error. If you are a fiduciary do not let an innocent mistake become a costly error. Whether an executor, administrator, trustee, power of attorney, or any other fiduciary, appointed by the court, protect your rights today. Call Allinson & Associates, LLC immediately!

Probate Litigation
Probate Appeal
Nursing Home Disputes
Trust Dispute
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Fiduciary Irresponsibility
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