Practice Areas

Title 19 Planning, Wills & Trusts

As we get older, we become more aware that we will not live forever. By the proper use of estate planning documents such as Wills, Health Care Instructions, Trusts and Powers of Attorney you can protect your rights. You have the right to decide how your property is divided upon your death. You also can decide how you are are dealt with by medical professionals if you become incapacitated. Too often people become ill and do not have proper legal protection. Therefore, it is essential to have your estate documents created as soon as possible and updated often. Probate administration fees can be expensive and timely. Appropriate estate planning can eliminate many costs associated with the Probate Court system. If your documents are more than five years old, you do not have any estate planning documents, or you just wish to discuss your options, contact Allinson & Associates, LLC for professional estate planning advice to protect your rights and assets.

Additionally, you may need to protect your assets for your loved ones through a trust.  There are many types of trusts, irrevocable, revocable, special needs, and spendthrift to name a few.  Additionally, you may benefit from a specific real estate trust, firearms trust or 2nd amendment trust. Whether it is protection from the IRS, the BATF, or asset management, do not wait to contact us.

Probate/Estates Services

Probate courts have jurisdiction over many areas of daily life. Many people believe that the Probate Courts only handle the administration of estates and wills, but they do much more. Whether you need to appoint a conservator, request a commitment, apply for a change in parental rights, become a guardian for the mentally handicapped, apply for a name change, or have any other probate concerns, Allinson & Associates, LLC can help. The Probate Court can help to resolve your personal and private issues with the elderly, children, and people with mental disabilities or illnesses. Please contact Allinson & Associates, LLC for assistance in any Probate Matter.

Additionally, Allinson & Associates, LLC often serves as fiduciary in many matters.  With the ability to secure a high level bond due to our excellent credit rating, we can manage your estate, trust, or other fiduciary duties for you.  Contact us today!

Elder Care and Title 19

It is essential that you, your parents, aunts, uncles, family members, and other loved ones are cared for properly as they get older. There are many programs to help the elderly; however, it is important to be very careful when choosing which programs to use. Certain programs may require credit checks, background checks, collateral, large deposits, real estate or even liquidation of assets.  Additionally, long term care insurance may provide a wonderful benefit, but if not purchased properly can waste thousands of dollars and forfeit coverage under the insurance.  We understand these benefits are difficult to navigate.  Rather than take it on yourself, call us.  You and your loved one will be happy you did.

Title 19 is a very useful and beneficial program if used properly. Depending on your loved one’s assets, he/she may be eligible for the government to pay for long term care. However, if assets are mismanaged, even accidentally, the state will be unforgiving and deny benefits.  Additionally, they will quickly force your loved ones to liquidate all of their assets and place them in a facility of their choosing. Proper planning can protect your loved ones’ assets and well being. Before you put a loved one at risk, contact Allinson & Associates, LLC for competent and experienced advice before seeking any government funded elderly assistance program.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured and believe that someone else is at fault, contact Allinson & Associates, LLC immediately. If you were in a car accident, bitten by a dog, hurt while using a defective product, or injured in any other way; you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The little things make all the difference. Taking photographs, logging phone calls, putting evidence in a contaminant proof bag in your freezer, are some common methods that Allinson & Associates, LLC uses to increase the chances of winning a law suit. Remember, insurance adjusters do not have your interests in mind and are trained to settle your case at the lowest possible price. Do not let these people take advantage of you. Call Allinson & Associates, LLC, and get the compensation that you deserve.

Criminal Defense

Before you decide to talk to the police, you should be properly advised and represented. You may be giving up serious rights by representing yourself. Situations involving the police can be intimidating. First time misdemeanors, DUI’s, and drug charges should not be dealt with lightly. Do not let the police or prosecutors push you around. Your criminal record travels with you forever. Protect your background at all costs. At Allinson & Associates, LLC you will be defended with diligence and understanding. If you are charged with any criminal offense, please contact Allinson & Associates, LLC immediately.

Commercial Needs & Business Law

Forming a new business or wrapping up an old one can involve an abundance of paperwork and many complex issues. There can be both legal and tax implications if certain procedures are not followed. Fortunately, Allinson & Associates, LLC can assist you with your legal decisions while working closely with a Certified Public Accountant who can be available to assist you with any tax consequence or decision.

At Allinson & Associates, LLC we can provide you with contracts, purchase and sale agreements, standard and personalized contracts, employment contracts, non-compete contracts, and many other forms of legal protection for you and your business. You may contact Allinson & Associates, LLC for assistance with any disputes, reorganization, liability issues, or other business issues.